Historical Reliability of the Bible


William Lane Craig, “Are the Gospels Legendary or Historically Reliable?”  (7 min.)

Craig Blomberg, “Historical Reliability of the Gospels”  (42 min.)

Articles & Podcasts

Peter Williams, “Did the Gospels Get Jesus Right?”  (24 min.)
Podcast with a New Testament scholar at Cambridge University and head of Tyndale House, a research institute for biblical studies at Cambridge.

J. P. Moreland, “The Historicity of the New Testament”


Greg Gilbert, Why Trust the Bible? (Crossway, 2015).
This is a short book that is the best place to start for a book-length engagement.


Timothy Paul Jones, Why Should I Trust the Bible? (Christian Focus, 2019).


Peter Williams, Can We Trust the Gospels? (Crossway, 2018).


Craig Blomberg, The Historical Reliability of the New Testament (B & H, 2016).
A major academic work by a New Testament scholar who has devoted much of his career to investigating the truthfulness of the New Testament’s historical claims.


Kenneth Kitchen, On the Reliability of the Old Testament (Eerdmans, 2006).
A major academic work by an internationally respected scholar of the Ancient Near East.

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